Friday, December 02, 2005

BLaCK, BRowN, WHite.. so what!

White doesn't mean you're pure
Brown does'nt mean you're sweet
Black doesn't mean you're rock
Like never judge a book by it's cover,
never judge people by their looks!
Coz through that...
u can't see their soul,
their heart,
their sparkle,
and their magnificence.

Clothes is just another good wrap
Culture is convenience to be learned
Country...? Come on... we couldn't choose where we born!
So don't make frontier from those things
Coz even God never do it!

This blog is truly truly dedicated for all da racist people in da world.
Believe me it's not time to be racist anymore! Hitler and Mussolini is dead! Racist's already expired! (baca: basi banget!)

...dan buat jeng Rhomayda, yang baru saja merasakan dampak ke-rasis-an orang2 di sekitarnya... Dont worry! Be cool calm confident! Prove that racist is not right! RAciSt iS a cRiMe! (baca: racist najis!)
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